воскресенье, 5 мая 2013 г.


At last real spring!
Snow thawed, the sun shines and the warm wind walks on city streets.
How coolly to see in parks of people which simply came for walk because of good weather!

Agree when on the street the clear sun and heat, as much as possible time on the street wants to carry out.

To your attention I present, spring onions in biker style.
It seems the spring, and pulls me on such style...

On me black undershirt-bortsovka and same color, trousers.

Already certainly warmly, but in one undershirt you don't resemble, cold.
Therefore, atop I put on a jeans jacket.

Quite recently I found in shop boots which remind me footwear of the soldier!
If it is honest, I wasn't attracted earlier by such things, but now...
Whether this influence of fashion, whether still something...

Where without accessories! ?
Accent this image are 2 things, one of them is brightly red bag.

Long I thought what ornament to choose and I solved that here the metal chain of color of gold perfectly will approach.
Thanks to it the image turned out finished!

Thanks for viewing of this post!
I wait for comments!
Your Sascha! ;)

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